tounyuu tantan-men in tokyo!

Trust me… I’m not vegetarian.

However, many recent memorable dining experiences have been meatless. Last time I visited Tokyo, my wife and I ended up in the famous Yoyogi Park where there happened to be a small food festival happening. With so many tempting options, the hardest part was choosing just one.

Something drew me to a vendor offering vegan tounyuu tantan-men (tantan noodles with soy-milk soup). I totally made the right choice!


And I miss that delicious, and perfectly spicy, variation of the famous tantan-men everyday.

When I win the lottery I’ll fly across oceans just to satisfy my budget gourmet cravings!

What budget gourmet dish would you travel great distances for?



Travel is one of my blog themes and is certainly one of the things that gives me great joy. Although I haven’t been able to travel lately (last trip overseas was Japan in 2012), daydreaming about my next adventure is one of my favorite pastimes.

One regular source of inspiration is Anthony Bourdain and his travel shows (currently Parts Unknown). The most recent one I watched was the Punjab region of India. The scenery and food looked spectacular.

Pretty regularly on my Facebook feed I find surveys testing how “well-traveled” people are. Just a few days ago there was one listing the top 25 city destinations. I have been to 11 out of 25 but some of them were when I was a child so they barely count. I have a lot of catching up to do…

Have you visited any of these cities yourself?

PS – I find fortune cookies to be foul and can’t bear the thought of actually eating them. However, the fortune contained inside this one fit me perfectly and made me smile. Does the fortune still come true if you don’t eat the cookie?


I didn’t miss the meat!

Are you vegan? If not, have you considered it? Or maybe just reducing your meat consumption?

I am still an omnivore, however, my philosophy is *EVERYTHING* in moderation.

Vietnamese is by far one of my favorite cuisines (as I’ve mentioned before) and recently I visited an amazing vegan Vietnamese restaurant.

Image Image

Did I mention there is a vegan cafe (with crazy delicious desserts) next door?


Are you interested? Could you live without meat?


I need your help!

Dearest followers,

With only one week of blogging activity remaining, I am soliciting your opinions. What is your impression of my blog (content, theme, and visuals)?

Do you have any constructive advice regarding improving my blog?

Thanks in advance for your valuable input!

Let’s decide which energy source is best (once and for all)…

When you go out dining, do you ever find it challenging to form a group consensus on what type of cuisine to eat? Different cultures (or just individuals) like to fuel up their bodies in different ways. Which do you choose?

Who needs Geniuses anyways!?!?

I have been a loyal iPhone customer since 2010 (iPhone 4) when I woke up at the crack of dawn and jumped into line outside of Oakridge mall. That day, after waiting many hours in line, I was turned away because they had sold out. Ouch. I have been pretty happy with my iPhone experience… except… as soon as I fall out of warranty, disaster strikes.

Over time one of my biggest pet peeves with Apple is how closed their products are. Hardware wise, we are not “officially” allowed to do anything so when something goes wrong, it requires an $expensive$ trip to the Genius Bar.

Actually, I am considering leaving the Apple family soon. The only problem is that I haven’t yet found an alternative phone that excites me enough to spend the requisite hundreds of dollars.

My current problem has been the failure of my (dinosaur) iPhone 4s battery. Since I am out of warranty it would cost me over $100 to replace the battery at the Apple store. No thank you.

However, feeling a little adventurous, I decided to replace it myself… AND IT WAS CHEAP!


I just changed the battery Sunday night so it is a little too early to claim “victory”, but the new battery seems to be performing well. What was the experience like? It was a little scary opening up my iPhone and then putting it back together. The parts are sooooooooo small my big fat fingers could barely manipulate them.

I breathed a *HUGE* sigh of relief when everything was back together and the phone actually powered on again! 

Have you ever tried servicing/repairing your personal electronics (phone/computer/video game system/etc) yourself?